Invest in Your Aakhirah

Through your donations, you will be able to help impact the lives of orphans in South Africa and provide them with a secure future. Every child deserves a home.

Each home will be able to house up to 10 orphaned children and together they’ll form a family. The project is designed to provide a community with a complete support system and lifestyle to help them further in society.

Each home includes:
- Houses 10 orphans
- Kitchen
- 4 bedrooms 
- 3 bathrooms
- Living room
- Study Area
- Mosque
- Library
- Play Ground
- Beautiful Garden
- Administrative Building
- Mass Hall

Be part of this unique journey and help give these orphans a brighter future. With your duas and kind donations, each child will be given the opportunity to prosper in life In Shaa Allah.


When you donate you are creating ripples of lasting change in the orphans lives and ultimately the future we Share.