As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rah’matullahi wa Barakatu

Al Ihya Foundation SA Iftaar Hotmeals on Wheels Drive 2021

As Ramadaan approaches we need your help and support to ensure that our brothers and sisters have food to break their fast.

People are going through extremely hard times. May Allah swt rectify our affairs and help us have a blessed Ramadaan and use us as a means. #Help fillaniftaarpot. Ameen.

Last year alhamduillah, through your generosity we served over 25 000 meals to those who were in desperate need.

It is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said “Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting, they will have a reward like it without it being decreased in the slightest bit” [Tirmidhi]

Can you imagine receiving the reward for fasting, without even doing so?

Help Al Ihya Foundation, serve 50 Thousand Iftaar Hotmeals this Ramadaan!

Make a Difference today- Donate now to help families in need for Ramadaan.

Fundraise for us!
Join Al Ihya Foundation Iftaar Hotmeals Drive by raising funds amongst family and friends..
Challenge#1000 Iftaar hotmeals
Or You can choose any of the options below:-
Option 1: 100 people at R3000
Option 2: 500 people at R15 000
Option 3: 1000 people at R30 000

We accept lillah, zakaat,sadaqa,fidya, Kafarah & Fitrah.

*All your donations will be used in the month of Ramadan providing Iftaar Hotmeals to those in need.

Contact us on 0836535669

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Al Ihya Foundation


Account no: 4094524618

Branch code: 632005

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