Give a SWEET EID Gift SA; share the Joy of Eid with Orphans and Children living in Poverty and difficult circumstances

Eid Gifts and treats are dreams of children in every culture where Muslims live. There are millions of children who will not taste this joy during Eid. Can you please share the joy of Eid with orphan and children living in Poverty and difficult circumstances? Can you give a gift to them as you will do for your children?

Through the Sweet Eid Programme, Al Ihya Foundation SA provides a gift for orphans and children living through poverty and difficult circumstances.

Pledge your donation for a good cause. Participate in the Sweet Eid Programme and we will ensure every child have a reason to smile come this Eid and help make this day special for them.

Each Sweet Eid pack costs only R50 and includes a combination of sweets and treats. Our Target is 5000 children

We hereby humbly appeal to you to donate wholeheartedly to the Sweet Eid Campaign and help bring Smiles to many children.

10 Sweet Eid Gifts R500
20 Sweet Eid Gifts R1000
50 Sweet Eid Gifts R2500
100 Sweet Eid Gifts R5000

You Gift will be delivered on the day of Eid personally by our staff and dedicated team of volunteers.

The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, said, 'Love for your brother that which you love for your self.'  (Bukhari & Muslim)

Not many things are more rewarding than seeing a child’s face brighten as they are given a gift – this is the perfect opportunity to make their Eid extra special. 

So come on you beautiful, generous people , help us to make this dream a reality